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    Lifestyle: The tendency - 30 August 2018
    That Instagram does not deceive you: the bags of network already tried to emphasize the last year like one of the complementos of the summer 2017.

    But we were the ones who let ourselves be carried away by the charms of the basket bags, the wooden baskets and the geometric ones. And, although these previous will remain a hit, the network will be the bag this spring / summer 2018.

    The truth is that at first glance, a network does not convince to take it as a purse: how are we going to transport the eyeliner without it slipping through the gaps? And it's a good question, do not believe, but these bags are designed to be careful with the little things and inside you keep purses, bags and other small bags.

    The grace? That it is not necessary that you help yourself from the light of the mobile to look for something, because it is located at a glance. And, even if you think that this is just "a beach bag", the reality is that it can be adapted to various situations
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